Supporting Lone Parents into Work

Supporting  parents into work is an essential aim of ESF, the Work Programme and OFSTED 

  • 21 October 2015
  • £199 + VAT

Children’s Centres – £99 + VAT

IEP Members £99 + VAT

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This session will help you

  • Identify the barriers and solutions
  • Look at successful case studies and find out what works
  • Understand how the Get Ready for Work Programme operates
  • Understand the partnership you need to put together
  • Gather the key information lone parents want before they can go to work
  • Look at in-work benefits
  • Discover what difference Universal Credit and proposed welfare cuts will make
  • Look at the new childcare proposals
  • Find out what OFSTED really wants.

Who should attend?

  • ESF teams
  • Employment Advisers
  • Children’s Centre Staff who support parents on employability
  • Housing Association employability teams
  • Local authority teams

Facilitator: Liz Sewell, Director of Belina Consulting and former CEO of Lone Parent Charity Gingerbread. Belina* was Highly Commended at the Employment Related Services Association National Awards in 2014 for its innovative work with parents.

Endorsed by the Institute of Employability Professionals endorsed_logo

Three reasons to attend

  1. Lone Parents make up 11% of JSA claimants and have to be actively seeking work.
  2. Lone Parents on Income Support must get ready for work once their youngest child is three. OFSTED insists that Children’s Centres support parents into work.
  3. ESF is targeting Lone Parents so it is important that bidding and delivery teams know what is needed.

What people say about the programme

  • Excellent session – really knowledgeable facilitator – Employment Adviser, 
  • So good to meet other people working with lone parents – and to share ideas. This session really made sense to me. Family Support Worker
  • Now I know what we need to do – enjoyed this session – thanks. Housing association team member

Book on here
This programme can be run in-house

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