Effective Employer Engagement

Develop the tools & confidence to identify opportunities, build employer relationships and promote your customers

  • Tuesday, 15 September 2015, London
  •  Wednesday, 13 October 2015, Birmingham

£125 + VAT IEP Rate
£145 + VAT others

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Participants at the Birmingham session, Spring 2015

This is about engaging employers and brokering employment opportunities for services users. The move towards payment by results, which incentivises providers to connect unemployed people with the labour market means that effective engagement of employers is central to achieving job outcomes. The workshop is interactive and practical, focusing on developing the tools, practice and confidence employability staff require to identify opportunities, build professional employer relationships, overcome barriers and promote customers.


Christine Brown
CEO of FutureExcel, IEP Fellow and former head of Employability for Dudley Council.

The Programme is endorsed by the Institute of Employability Professionals endorsed_logo

Three reasons to attend

  1. Gives team members the confidence to identify opportunities
  2. Build employer relationships
  3. Learn how to promote your customers

What people say

  • Very helpful – I will take at lot of information on board and use in the future. Employment Adviser 
  • I felt the training was very comprehensive and enjoyable and allowed me to examine how I will use the information within my role of employment advisor. Employment Adviser 
  • Very Good. Delivery good and the correct pace. Facilitator knew her stuff. Employment Adviser

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